Career Prospects and Earnings

Career Prospects and Earnings

KCA brings a wealth of experience in evaluating and presenting comprehensive reports across various cases, providing support to both individuals and organisations.

Inquiries We Work On

Our involvement spans a diverse range of areas, including:

  • Personal injury cases (Claimant/Pursuer, Defendant and on a jointly instructed basis) ​
  • Equal Pay/Equal Value ​
  • Discrimination as a result of sex, race, or disability ​
  • Handicap on the labour market ​
  • Abuse ​
  • Miscarriage of Justice ​
  • Medical Negligence ​
  • Public Sector ​
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority ​

What To Expect From Acceptance Of Instructions

Recognising the unique circumstances of each case and client, KCA conducts independent labour market and career assessments tailored to reflect individualised needs. 


Many thanks to you and to Keith for your assistance in this claim.”
- Claimant Solicitor
“Thank you very much for your ongoing time, assistance and valuable input with this claim.”
- Claimant Solicitor
“The case was settled well on our evidence and that is thanks to you, in part.”
- Claimant Solicitor