Labour Market Analysis

Our Offices

KCA has offices in Dorset and Edinburgh with its Head Office in Greenwich, London. 

Cases Are Undertaken On A National Basis

Cases are undertaken on a national basis, interviews taking place predominantly via a video platform (Zoom, Teams etc.) or, if necessary, in our London or Edinburgh office or at the claimant’s home/solicitor’s offices. ​

Geographical area can be important when looking at careers as skill requirements will vary around the country.

The KCA Library

The KCA Library as well as being occupationally specific holds regional (and historical) information not available in the public domain. ​

This information can be of particular value as the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) do not record SOC occupational codes by local area.

KCA has also worked on international cases including analysing earnings and benefits by occupation in countries such as:

  • Republic of Ireland ​
  • South Africa ​
  • America ​
  • Holland ​
  • Malta ​
  • France ​
  • Hong Kong​
  • Libya ​
  • The Middle East ​
  • Singapore ​
  • Poland ​
  • New Zealand ​
  • Isle of Man
Contacts in other countries help KCA access information for the preparation of its reports. Experts have given evidence both personally and by video link in places including South Africa, America, the Channel Islands, Ireland, Hong Kong, Holland, Australia etc.

Research on careers outside of the UK is also often needed by those instructing us for example needing to provide for the Court information on wage levels and benefits for those who are in the UK on a working visa and may return to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. ​

It has also been necessary to look at the careers of those who are working in the UK but before retirement would likely return to their home in Poland, Ukraine, Malta etc.


“It was a pleasure working with you, and [we] would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help with the case.”
- Claimant Solicitor
“Both we and our client are very grateful for your assistance in the matter without which we would not have been in the position to reach such a beneficial conclusion.”
- Claimant Solicitor
“Please provide my thanks to Mr Carter for all of his help on this case, this was greatly appreciated. […] I look forward to working with Mr Carter on future matters.”
- Claimant Solicitor

Further Questions

For further information and to answer any immediate questions, read our typical questions and answers section or contact us directly.​ ​