Typical Questions

Typical Questions Put To Us

Below we have answered several common questions we receive before receiving instructions. For further conversation or any questions that may not be answered below, we welcome you to contact us.


In the current climate proportionality is important. At KCA our aim is to bring added value. Having access to information is not only important but cost efficient. ​

​As each case will have unique features involving different levels of research, some being relatively easy to obtain, some that is not available in the public domain requiring lengthier research, costs will vary. ​

Terms and conditions are available from KCA by contacting info@keithcarter.co.uk

Do you need to interview the client?

Yes. While a desk-based report can be prepared without an interview, it is the preference of KCA that the client is interviewed.

How is an interview conducted?

The vast majority of interviews are conducted by way of a video-platform (e.g. Zoom, Teams etc.).

The team are also happy, where necessary, to interview the Claimant/Pursuer at their home or their solicitors’ offices.

Prior to any interview, KCA in many cases provides the Claimant/Pursuer with a questionnaire. Although many of the headings on the questionnaire are dealt with at interview we do find the form of assistance as it encourages the Claimant to review their past work history and give thought to what might be achievable for the future.

What documents do you require for each case?

When looking at employment issues the papers that Keith Carter & Associates need range from the medical experts’ reports, the Claimant’s witness statement, the schedule or counter-schedule but most importantly anything that is available with regard to their pre-injury career (CV, pay details, appraisals, personnel file, contract of employment etc) and post-injury (job description, pay details etc) if such work has been found.

In some cases it is necessary to review school records or college/university records however, this is mostly in respect to cases involving children or young adults.

In some cases there may be comparators and comparator wage details that have to be considered or witness statements from colleagues, managers, employers etc.

In general, as much information with regard to employment as possible and the relevant medical reports are preferable prior to interview but each case may need to be considered on its own bearing in mind the timescale.

In many matters while a skeleton of the facts can be provided it is after the interview with the claimant/pursuer that other possible relevant documents are identified which can either be followed up by the Consultant or requested if necessary from those instructing.

Do you accept deferred payment?

Yes, but when deferred payment is necessary this must be agreed in advance at the time of our instruction.

Child Case: Janardan v East Berkshire Health Authority

“Attached to Mr Carter’s report is a schedule giving the earnings of people at various stages in seven different careers of the kind which he thinks Rajiv might well have followed. I find the reasoning in his report compelling and I think that this schedule is likely to give me more help, at any rate initially, in arriving at a realistic award than the regional and sub-regional averages”.