Innovative Methodology

An Innovative Methodology that Begins with the Individual ​

Each case is different, and as such an assessment of a Claimant’s career trajectory, both before and after an index event, should never be formulaic or stereotypical. Labour markets, employment norms, and work processes are constantly changing, requiring employment experts to stay up to date on recent trends and apply these to a Claimant specifically.

40 Years’ Experience

Our comprehensive and innovative approach to assessing both how a Claimant’s career would have developed but for the index event, as well as how their career may be affected as a result, including alternative areas of employment and possible retraining.

That is why we are the market leader, with 40 years’ experience and having provided thousands of expert labour market and vocational assessments used in legal disputes relating to personal injury, medical negligence, historic abuse, miscarriage of justice, etc., for the English, Scottish, and Irish Courts.​

Specialised Knowledge

Rather than taking the “easy” approach that is sometimes seen i.e. relying on one source such as ASHE and current figures without historical context, at KCA we always strive to find the “right” information for the Claimant in question. As such, our reports provide the most personalised and accurate employment projection tailored to the individual in question. ​

Although for certain occupational areas earnings information is not easily accessible, KCA has a dedicated team of researchers stay up to date on all developments in employment trends and earnings trends. ​

This means that we can rely on decades of experience and specialised knowledge, as well as one of the largest libraries on labour markets and earnings research, with much information that is not readily available in the public domain and includes our own primary research conducted through questionnaires and interviews.

This is how we provide the most detailed and comprehensive career assessments available in the sector. ​We have experience preparing reports not just in the UK and Ireland, but across Europe and internationally. ​

Indeed, our approach at looking at the individual was recognised by Sir Brian Langstaff following Keith Carter giving evidence to the Infected Blood Inquiry where he recorded:

“… but you've [Mr Carter] always, I think, brought it back to the individual and the individual position which seems to me to be not a bad place to start.” - Sir Brian Langstaff, Chair, during the Infected Blood Inquiry (11th November 2022)