Personal Injury

The effect of a physical injury on an individual’s career will depend on many factors

Physical Injury

The effect of a physical injury on an individual’s career will depend on many factors, including the type of injury they have suffered and, importantly, the type of job they are engaged in. Different injuries will affect Claimants in different ways. A leg injury may have limited future effects on those working in an office-based environment, such as an Accountant or Administrator, while for those in manual occupations this can result in them being excluded from their career. ​

Even if a personal injury does not stop someone from working in a particular career entirely, it may limit the extent that they can work, or the types of job tasks they can realistically manage. This, in turn, is likely to affect their career progression and ability to advance their career on the job market.

Over the past 40 years, KCA has assessed thousands of Claimants’ careers, providing us with a deep understanding on how to project a Claimant’s future career. Using medical evidence, our own assessment of the individual through detailed questionnaires and interviews, and statistical evidence on the employment trends of those with disabilities obtained by our specialist research team, we provide a comprehensive assessment of how a physical and/or mental injury will affect a Claimant’s career. This will examine their specific job tasks and how their injury may restrict these. ​

We will then look at what job tasks they can realistically manage, and the extent to which they are likely to work in the future, including the possibility (and feasibility) of the Claimant retraining in other areas of employment.


“Dr Carter […], Thank you for your invaluable time and expertise in today’s proof. Your answers and thorough preparation significantly contributed to the proceedings. I appreciate the effort you put into preparing for the case. The work you completed was instrumental in proceedings.”
- Claimant Solicitor​

Mental Injury

As societal awareness and understanding of mental health conditions continue to grow, in recent years the legal system has increasingly acknowledged the impact that an accident, personal injury, or negligence clinical treatment can have on an individual’s long-term psychological well-being. In particular, those experiencing abuse during their childhood often face life-long mental health problems that can permanently affect their education and employment. At KCA, we have undertaken thousands of labour market assessment for those diagnosed with conditions such as Adjustment Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression and/or Anxiety, and many others, as a result of an accident, injury, or other index event. ​

Although less visible, mental health difficulties can have just as damaging consequences, or in some cases even more so, to an individual’s future career prospects and earning potential than physical injuries. Poor mental health can affect how much an individual can work, the types of employment they can manage, and ultimately the date that they cease working altogether. Given our deep knowledge and experience of working with those suffering from mental health problems, KCA is well placed to understanding and assessing the impact of mental health difficulties on a Claimant’s employment opportunities and earnings. ​